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  • Listening to: Homestuck Vol.9
  • Reading: The Book Thief
  • Watching: Fosters home for Imaginary Friends
  • Playing: Pokemon Crystal
  • Eating: the skin of jegus
  • Drinking: the fluids of gog
So I meet up a few of my friends so we could head off to the AMC 20 to watch "A Haunted House". As the three of us sit down, my friend Melissa pulls out a birthday cake out of her backpack. "Happy late birthday Mariam!" QAQ  And to add on to that, another guy sitting next to us said the same thing. -u- So we all proceed to watch the Horror Spoof while eating delicious birthday wishes. :D

It was one of the kindest thing that a friend of mine has ever done for me.  Man sometimes I really like the world.
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January 20, 2013


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