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  • Listening to: Can Anyone Explain - Ella & Louis
  • Reading: Textbooks (day in, day out TTuTT )
  • Watching: Futurama
  • Playing: Pokemon Emerald
  • Eating: Anything I can get my hands on
  • Drinking: Water (It's all I can afford. TTuTT )
Hello Friends!

After an unnecessarily unexpected hiatus in which I fell off the face of the planet and accomplished quite possibly nothing in my artistic ventures (okay, well maybe a couple things), I'm back! Following a lovely exchange of interests with my new roomie, I have been once again inspired to stop living under physics textbook, and see the vibrant dazzling world I could be illustrating. So now, rather than existing day to day with only doodles in my notebook margins, I have decided to make the actual effort to pull out the sketchbook again, and be a real artist. 
So watch out world! Because I have dozens of Deviations to throw out on here in the next few weeks. (some of which will not be very good, because I will be uploading everything from 9th grade onwards). =u=
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Submitted on
February 1